The Apartment is situated 50 metres from the Ski Run and only 400 Metres from the Gondola Station thus enabling you to Ski in and Ski out from the Apartment

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Path to Ski Run ( Across Road ) See Gondola car

Run Down To Gondola Station

Gondola Entrance

Going up to the Ski Slopes

Audi FSI Mens Ski World Cup  February 2011

Bottom of Highest Ski Run Womens World Championship held 2009

Bars and Restaurants on Ski Slopes






Walking in the mountains needn't be just for the Ultra fit. There are walks starting from a leisurely half hour, which taking in the first small lake, you can watch the mountain trout in the crystal clear waters. Or, just another hour further on from this one, the second lake (known as the fish lake) with its waterfall high up to one side of it, is accessible with very little extra effort than needed to reach the first lake. On the other extreme, just one example is a 2 day hike over the mountains passing some of the deepest and biggest lakes in the mountains and staying en-route in one of the mountain chalets where you can find a good meal and the following day, a hearty breakfast before heading off to your destination in the wine region of Melnik. Prices start from……59 Leva per person.


If its tracks and trails you are looking for, within just a few minutes there are rugged trails that wind their way through the foothills and up into the enormous pined forests. For the amateur amongst you, the foothills can be a great introduction to the pleasures of Biking. For the more adept, there are numerous cross-country trails of varying difficulty and length which will test your skills and enthusiasm!!! Prices start from……65 Leva per person including hire of bike & helmet.

Rafting / Kayaking

 Rafting - Some of the other activites available along the Struma Valley and the Kresna Gorge include:
Kayaking - Available from April to October on the Struma River. Group or individual, beginner or advanced level catered for. Proces start from... ...79 Leva per person


 Canyoning. Once the rivers have dispelled the snow melt and slowed to a more sedate pace, how about trying your hand at Canyoning? Not heard of this before? In general it is an activity that uses several techniques to descend ravines, Mountain Rivers, gorges or waterfalls. Some of the techniques involved can be climbing, abseiling, sliding, jumping or walking. There is a minimum age of 12 years old for this activity.
Prices start from……Please contact reception for further details. Programme starts June 09. 


Riding -Trekking through the forests, coming across clearings that will allow you an amazing panoramic view of the mountain range across the valley. This isn't part of the story line in a high budget film; it’s very real and its right here on our doorstep. Prices start from……90 Leva per person.


Monasteries - Two of the most famous being, the Rozhen which is one of the oldest, and the Rila which is one of the biggest and most elaborate with brightly coloured murals depicting scenes from the bible. Both of which are working monasteries, where the monks can be seen going about their everyday lives. Prices start from……69 Leva per person.

Mineral Springs, Geyser, Bear Park, Paintballing


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