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Discovered by Portuguese explorers around 1460, the Cape Verde archipelago comprises a total of ten islands, nine of which are inhabited. Located 450 km off the coast of |Senegal in West Africa, the islands are on the same latitude as the Caribbean and are some five and a half hours flying time from N. Europe.

The climate is tropical and dry with air and sea temperatures some 3 degrees warmer than the Canaries. Sunshine levels are 10-12 hours per day, providing an average temperature of 25C (a high of 27C and a low of 22C). Sea surface temperature varies between 22C and 25C and what little rainfall there is (about 260mm) occurs mainly between the months of August and October

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The name Sal is taken from the now disused salt mines. A soak in the half natural, half man-made salt lagoon at the Pedro Lume salt mines, where the salinity is on a par with that of the Dead Sea, is a must during any visit to the island. Though not particularly large, measuring approximately 30 kms by 12 kms at its longest and widest points, Sal is considered to be the most 'touristy'. The island is renowned for its magnificent white sandy beaches, with perhaps the best known being the 8 km Santa Maria beach. 

Sal is the flattest, and most barren island. Nevertheless, crystal clear, unpolluted waters make for a diver's paradise and provide the basis for many other water related sports. The international airport, built in 1939, made Sal the gateway to the Cape Verde islands. This, coupled with its thriving nightlife and a reputation as a sun seekers paradise, resulted in Sal becoming the Archipelago's major tourist attraction.

Santa Maria Sal Island only 500 metres for the Golden Beach and 300 metres from the town centre of Santa Maria



Cape Verde Weather Charts

Average Temperature °C

Sunshine Hours in Cape Verde (Average)

Average Hours of Sunshine

Sunshine Hours in Cape Verde (Average)

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Average sea temperature in Cape Verde

White sand beaches and turquoise sea. Principally a beach resort with long stretches of white sand and an abundance of watersports Sal is really an island for beach lovers as most of the island's sights and attractions can be seen in half a day. By night, Santa Maria, the main tourist area in Sal boasts a lively atmosphere with a good choice of bars and restaurants.


 Sal is the most developed of all the Cape Verde Islands in terms of tourism yet still has a very barren landscape. In the north of the island you will find a salt lake in an extinct volcano crater, an impressive sight.

Marine life around the coast of Sal and the rest of the archipelago is high with countless species including flamboyant tropical fish, dolphins and turtles. Live music plays a huge part in Cape Verdean culture and is often performed live in various bars in Santa Maria during the evening. This is a unique experience and one not to be missed.

A large percentage of visitors come to Sal for the watersports and it's hardly surprising. Sal's long sandy beaches and turquoise water make a wonderful playground for watersports enthusiasts. It is also the perfect place for relaxing in the sun and enjoying long walks along the coastline. Sal is considered to be amongst the world's top five windsurfing locations so it is not uncommon to see bright coloured sails dotted about the ocean. Kite surfing, diving and deep-sea fishing are also very big on Sal. There are plenty of places to hire equipment, have lessons and organise trips.

Sal Festivals The following are just a couple of festivals that take place on Sal: Nossa Sra. De Piedade(Our Lady of Pity) 15th August - Mass, processions, swimming contests and music festival on beach with local musicians. Santa Maria Festival (Municipality Day) 15th September - Music festival.

Hot Tip for Sal See the mirage at Terra Boa. It appears as an ocean right in the middle of the desert. It is an incredible sight and one you may never come across again. You can see this and many other sights on our excursion of Sal.

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