Holiday accommodation in Bulgaria 

Oasis Beach Resort, Kamchia, Bulgaria

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Two blocks of 163 apartments and 42 studios. I have this brand new 4th floor roof top (54.5 m2) 1 bed apartment in an exclusive complex opened May 2008. It is fully furnished, with air conditioning and contains a fully fitted kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom.

Leading from the living room up 7 stairs to a is a spacious Roof Terrace , furnished with a table and 4 chairs to enable you to dine al fresco, overlooking the Paddling pools and gardens with stunning views of the Nature Reserve and beautiful pine forests.

Also available is a 3rd Floor 1 bedroom apartment (50.1m2) it is fully furnished, with air conditioning and contains a fully fitted kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom.
This has a Balcony overlooking the grounds and open fields

The Complex is situated in a quiet and peaceful area with fields and open spaces and a short walk from the town of Bliznatsi.

It is only 2km from the main beach of Kamchia through the “POMAHTNKA” Camp site.

It is 4km to Kamchia Beach via The River that has numerous bars and restaurant ideal for families and couples alike.

Another road is being constructed shortly direct to the Beach which will be only 2Km from the sea. 

Bulgarian Language & Phrases - Facts about and sounds of the Bulgarian language.
The Bulgarian language, the official language of the Republic, is spoken by about 8 million inhabitants of the country. It forms the eastern group of the South Slavic branch of the Slavic languages.

All Bulgarians were required to learn Russian at school until 1989; most prefer not to speak it, and many will not. English is the most common second language, especially among the young, then German and French, distantly followed by Italian and Spanish
Body language
Bulgarians shake their heads when they mean “yes” and nod when they mean “no”. Sometimes they reverse these gestures if they know they’re speaking to foreigners, thereby complicating the issue further. Emphatic use of the words da (yes) and ne (no) should be enough to avoid misunderstandings.

Bulgarian Phrases

 Hi!                                                   Sdrawei!
Good Morning!                              Dobro utro!
Good Evening!                              Dobar wecher!
Welcome! (to greet someone)   Dobre doshal!
How Are You?                               Kak si?
I'm Fine, Thanks!                         Dobre,mersi!
And You?                                       A ti?
Good/ So-So.                                Dobre./ Biva.
Thank You (Very Much)!             Mnogo blagodaria!
You're Welcome! (answering "thank you") Ti si dobre doshal! (Blagodaria)
Hey! Friend!                                   Sdrasti!Priiatel!
I Missed You So Much!               Lipswash mi mnogo!
What's New?                                Neshto nowo?
Nothing Much                               Ne mnogo.
Good Night!                                   Leka nosht!
See You Later!                             Do po-kasno.
Good Bye!                                     Chao.

Help & Directions:
I'm Lost                                          Sagubih se
Can I Help You?                           Moje li da Vi pomogna?
Can You Help Me?                      Moje li da mi pomognete?
Where is the (bathroom/ pharmacy)?        Kade e (baniata/aptekata)?
Go Straight! Then Turn Left/ Right!          Varvete napravo!Posle savivate na liavo/diasno!
I'm Looking For John. T               arsia John.
One Moment Please!                   Edin moment,molia.
Hold On Please! (phone)             Pochakaite molia.
How Much Is This?                       Kolko struva tova?
Excuse Me...! ( to ask for something)     Isvinete...
Excuse Me! ( to pass by)               Isvinete moje li...
Come With Me!                               Ela s men.

Personal Info:
Do You Speak (English/ Bulgarian)? Govorite li (angliiski/ balgarski)?
Just a Little.                                        Malko.
What's Your Name?                       Kaks se kaswate?
My Name Is ….                               as se kasvam...
Mr.../ Mrs.…/ Miss…                     Gospodin/ gospoja/ gospojitsa
Nice To Meet You!                        Priatno mi e da se saposnaem!
You're Very Kind!                          Vie ste mnogo mil/liubesen!
Where Are You From?                Ot kade ste?
I'm From (the U.S/ Bulgaria)        AS sam ot (Amerika/ Balgaria).
I'm (American)                              As sam amerikanets.
Where Do You Live?                   Kade jiweete?
I live in (the U.S/ Bulgaria)             As jiweia w (Amerika/ Balgaria).
Did You Like It Here?                   Hareswa li wi tuka?
Bulgaria Is a Wonderful Country     Balgaria e welikolepna strana.
What Do You Do For A Living?       Kakwo rabotite?
I Work As A (Translator/ Businessman)    As sam (prewodach/ bisnesmen)
I Like Bulgarian                                As hareswam balgarskiiat.
I've Been Learning Bulgarian For 1 Month        As ucha balgarski ot edin mesets.
Oh! That's Good!                                   O tova e dobre.
How Old Are You?                              Na kolko godini ste?
I'm (twenty, thirty…) Years Old.               As sam na (dwadeset, trideset...) godini.
I Have To Go T                                riabva da tragwam.
I Will Be Right Back!                      Ste se warna.


Good Luck!                                            Uspeh!
Happy Birthday! C                               hestit rojden den!
Happy New Year!                                Chestita nova godina!
Merry Christmas!                                Vesela Koleda!
Congratulations!                                 Posdrawlenia!
Enjoy! (For meals…)                          Da vi e vkusno!
I'd Like To Visit Bulgaria One Day          Edin den iskam da posetia Balgaria.
Say Hi To John For me.                     Posdravi John ot men.
Bless you (when sneezing)              Nasdrave.
Good Night & Sweet Dreams!            Leka nosht i sladki sanishta.