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Located in the Gramadeto Region of Bansko, 400 mtrs from Gondola and Ski lift

About the resort                         / See Bansko - The Area for Summer Activities

The winter resort is located just above the colourful town of Bansko 12 km into the picturesque Pirin Mountain. The perfectly prepared and efficiently secured ski runs are stretched over 70 km. 25 km of modern high-capacity lift infrastructure stands for comfort and minimal waiting times.

In addition, the fans of extreme winter sports will enjoy the fun park and the half pipe that will cause them an enormous adrenaline rush while boosting the latest tricks in front of an enthusiastic crowd. The parents will find just the right conditions for their small ones. Nursery and Ski school give attentive and adept care to children and teenager, ensuring not only many positive emotions but also a decisive ski ability improvement over just a couple of days.

No one has to bother about not having the right ski or board equipment on arrival – the wardrobes located at the lower and upper Gondola lift stations are best equipped with everything ski and snowboard fans may need - 3500 pairs of ski and more than 670 boards of all sizes.

A number of cozy, dining establishments and ski-bars find themselves around the Bansko ski tracks, offering the tasty local cuisine along with fresh drinks. This would be a perfect place for basking in the sun.

The geographical location high in the mountain and the technical capability of the resort with its more than 160 snow cannons secure snow coverage from December to May. Bansko offers great fun and relaxation opportunities. The exciting mixture of well prepared ski tracks, modern lift infrastructure, many attractions, beautiful nature and warm hospitality suits skiers of all abilities and ages in just the right way.

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Slopes - Info
Ski Passes
Ski School - Info
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Ski Clothing – Info
Ski Clothing - Prices
Children Skiing – Info
Children Skiing – Prices
Ski Equipment Repairs

Airport Transfers  - from Sofia to Bansko
Airport Taxi


Month         Lower Slope Average (cm)    Upper Slope Average(cm)

April 2010                    2cm                                      37cm

March 2010                132cm                                  197cm

February 2010           153cm                                 176cm

January 2010                 78cm                                 104cm
December 2009          28cm                                   47cm

April 2009                      136cm                               138cm
March 2009                   284cm                               290cm
February 2009              151cm                               173cm
January 2009                 84cm                                 108cm
December 2008            27cm                                  47cm 

April 2008                        20cm                                 61cm
March 2008                     78cm                               167cm
February 2008             102cm                                185cm
January 2008                118cm                               218cm
December 2007            63cm                                154cm 

April 2007                       27cm                                    52cm
March 2007                    66cm                                    78cm
February 2007               62cm                                    72cm
January 2007                 29cm                                    39cm
December 2006           12cm                                     14cm 

Bulgarian Language & Phrases - Facts about and sounds of the Bulgarian language.
The Bulgarian language, the official language of the Republic, is spoken by about 8 million inhabitants of the country. It forms the eastern group of the South Slavic branch of the Slavic languages.

All Bulgarians were required to learn Russian at school until 1989; most prefer not to speak it, and many will not. English is the most common second language, especially among the young, then German and French, distantly followed by Italian and Spanish
Body language
Bulgarians shake their heads when they mean “yes” and nod when they mean “no”. Sometimes they reverse these gestures if they know they’re speaking to foreigners, thereby complicating the issue further. Emphatic use of the words da (yes) and ne (no) should be enough to avoid misunderstandings.
Bulgarian Phrases


 Hi!                                                   Sdrawei!
Good Morning!                              Dobro utro!
Good Evening!                              Dobar wecher!
Welcome! (to greet someone)   Dobre doshal!
How Are You?                               Kak si?
I'm Fine, Thanks!                         Dobre,mersi!
And You?                                       A ti?
Good/ So-So.                                Dobre./ Biva.
Thank You (Very Much)!             Mnogo blagodaria!
You're Welcome! (answering "thank you") Ti si dobre doshal! (Blagodaria)
Hey! Friend!                                   Sdrasti!Priiatel!
I Missed You So Much!               Lipswash mi mnogo!
What's New?                                Neshto nowo?
Nothing Much                               Ne mnogo.
Good Night!                                   Leka nosht!
See You Later!                             Do po-kasno.
Good Bye!                                     Chao.

Help & Directions:
I'm Lost                                          Sagubih se
Can I Help You?                           Moje li da Vi pomogna?
Can You Help Me?                      Moje li da mi pomognete?
Where is the (bathroom/ pharmacy)?        Kade e (baniata/aptekata)?
Go Straight! Then Turn Left/ Right!          Varvete napravo!Posle savivate na liavo/diasno!
I'm Looking For John. T               arsia John.
One Moment Please!                   Edin moment,molia.
Hold On Please! (phone)             Pochakaite molia.
How Much Is This?                       Kolko struva tova?
Excuse Me...! ( to ask for something)     Isvinete...
Excuse Me! ( to pass by)               Isvinete moje li...
Come With Me!                               Ela s men.

Personal Info:
Do You Speak (English/ Bulgarian)? Govorite li (angliiski/ balgarski)?
Just a Little.                                        Malko.
What's Your Name?                       Kaks se kaswate?
My Name Is ….                               as se kasvam...
Mr.../ Mrs.…/ Miss…                     Gospodin/ gospoja/ gospojitsa
Nice To Meet You!                        Priatno mi e da se saposnaem!
You're Very Kind!                          Vie ste mnogo mil/liubesen!
Where Are You From?                Ot kade ste?
I'm From (the U.S/ Bulgaria)        AS sam ot (Amerika/ Balgaria).
I'm (American)                              As sam amerikanets.
Where Do You Live?                   Kade jiweete?
I live in (the U.S/ Bulgaria)             As jiweia w (Amerika/ Balgaria).
Did You Like It Here?                   Hareswa li wi tuka?
Bulgaria Is a Wonderful Country     Balgaria e welikolepna strana.
What Do You Do For A Living?       Kakwo rabotite?
I Work As A (Translator/ Businessman)    As sam (prewodach/ bisnesmen)
I Like Bulgarian                                As hareswam balgarskiiat.
I've Been Learning Bulgarian For 1 Month        As ucha balgarski ot edin mesets.
Oh! That's Good!                                   O tova e dobre.
How Old Are You?                              Na kolko godini ste?
I'm (twenty, thirty…) Years Old.               As sam na (dwadeset, trideset...) godini.
I Have To Go T                                riabva da tragwam.
I Will Be Right Back!                      Ste se warna.

Good Luck!                                            Uspeh!
Happy Birthday! C                               hestit rojden den!
Happy New Year!                                Chestita nova godina!
Merry Christmas!                                Vesela Koleda!
Congratulations!                                 Posdrawlenia!
Enjoy! (For meals…)                          Da vi e vkusno!
I'd Like To Visit Bulgaria One Day          Edin den iskam da posetia Balgaria.
Say Hi To John For me.                     Posdravi John ot men.
Bless you (when sneezing)              Nasdrave.
Good Night & Sweet Dreams!            Leka nosht i sladki sanishta.